About Us

The Agribusiness Council of Indiana (ACI) has deep roots in Indiana’s agribusiness community. Formed in 2001, ACI brings together two longstanding agribusiness associations: the Indiana Grain and Feed Association (formed in 1902) and the Indiana Plant Food and Agricultural Chemicals Association (formed in 1966). Today, ACI has approximately 450 member companies spanning the Midwestern grain, feed, fertilizer and ag chemical industries.

The Agribusiness Council of Indiana Board of Directors developed a vision, mission and set of values, setting a direction for the organization. The board then determined the following strategic priorities as specific action areas required to align with the vision of the organization.

Our Vision

The Agribusiness Council of Indiana will be the premier advocate serving members’ business interests.

Our Mission

The Agribusiness Council of Indiana supports members with legislative representation, industry insight and regulatory guidance.

Our Key Strategies

  • LOBBYING – Monitor, communicate and advocate for ACI members’ greater interests and awareness
  • ENGAGE MEMBERSHIP – Implement a strategy to engage and attract members beyond current events and activities, demonstrating to them the value of membership in ACI
  • THE INFORMATION SOURCE – Position ACI as the “go-to” agribusiness resource for members as well as government officials, media and consumers
  • INDUSTRY COLLABORATION – Collaborate with industry stakeholders in a focused manner to leverage our collective efforts and increase the likelihood of success on mutual initiatives

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